Mind The Hive is a small beekeeping and woodworking project that hopes to grow into a larger scale collection of resources and opportunity. We are currently accepting donations for funding our springtime projects, you can help us out by clicking here.

Ali Noe started this project in 2014 from a carpentry perspective as a way to coalesce her interests and studies of animal built habitats, culinary and woodworking. Her passion to teach and create space drove this project to be more than personal but also as accessible on a local level.


Elgee King is a student of the arts and of the world. Their shared interest with Ali about bees, art and culture is what got them engaged in the Mind The Hive project. They are currently training under Ali for an understanding of fabrication in a woodshop context as Ali and Elgee both figure out the work that beekeeping and programing workshops entails.